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Warwickshire Farmhouse owner installs Daikin HT Heat Pump and 10KW Ground mounted Solar PV array

26 April 2016Air Source Heat PumpSolar Photovoltaic

Mr & Mrs J live in a large farmhouse in an off-gas village. They had a very inefficient electric heating system that cost a lot to run and with poor controllability. Due to the age of the house and a desire not to increase the radiator sizes, Bright Green proposed a Daikin High Temperature heat pump to feed the existing radiator system along with a new 400L Hot Water Cylinder with solar thermal input from panels mounted on the roof to provide large quantities of hot water.
It was also proposed that a 32 panel 10KW ground mounted Solar PV array be installed in an adjoining field. The output from this would be used to provide the power for the heat pump and for their electric car charging station.
After the successful commissioning of the heat pump and Solar PV array both systems were eligible for generous index-lined Government grants, for which the couple successfully applied. Since then their electricity bills have plummeted and the house temperature is far more comfortable and controllable.

The Solution

Bright Green Vans Mr & Mrs J live in a village without mains gas and run an electric vehicle. They were keen to reduce their energy bills and improve the comfort levels of the main house.

Bright Green Renewables designed and installed an innovative Heat Pump and Solar PV system, working in combination to reduce energy costs and provide more consistent and controllable heating around the house.

The Installation

The completed heat pump system Due to the size and associated heat loss of the property, Bright Green Renewables specified a Daikin High Temperature Air Source Heat Pump connected to standard radiators and UFH. The system also provides 100% of their domestic hot water and was configured to allow an existing solar thermal hot water system to connect into the hot water tank to provide additional “free” hot water.

In order to help provide the power to run the heat pump a 32 panel 10KW ground mounted Solar PV array was installed in an adjacent plot of land to supply electricity to the main farmhouse. This is used to power the house and charge the electric vehicle.

The Benefits

PV Although the system has only been in operation for 6 months, energy costs have been reduced and the house has been warmer. Both systems are eligible for government grants, which will help to offset a large proportion of the installation costs.

The heat pump qualifies for 7 year index-linked payments from the RHI (Renewable Heat Incentive) scheme, and the Solar PV system qualifies for 20 year payments via the Feed-in-Tariff scheme.


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